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Guide to Batrider


The Batrider is a highly mobile raider hero, adept at causing confusion and doing a lot of damage quickly. Before moving in for the kill, the Batrider tends to soften up his target with Sticky Napalm, a stacking debuff skill which slows movement speed and turn rate. When he is ready to make his move, the Batrider uses his explosive Flamebreak spell, which strikes the first enemy unit it hits, exploding and knocking back nearby units. When his enemies are sufficiently demoralized, the Batrider swoops in using his Firefly ability and grabs a target hero with Flaming Lasso. This ability allows the Batrider to drag a target hero behind him, pulling the hapless victim away from the safety of his allies and in to the waiting clutches of his enemies. Although he may seem like a support hero, the Batrider is capable of dealing enormous damage with Sticky Napalm, Flamebreak, Firely, and his regular attack, due to the stacking damage provided by Sticky Napalm. It's best to be wary when faced against this hero, as his seemingly suicidal attacks can turn out a lot more dangerous than they appear.

Pros and Cons

- High starting 23 Str (Fourth highest among int heroes)
- High DOTs early game with Firefly and Napalm
- Can move through unpassable terrain and unjukable with Firefly
- Partial immunity to certain spells with Firefly
- Good Farmer
- He is a Troll !!!!!

- Easily counter by Magic Stick
- Below average move speed 290 ms
- Low attack range 375
- Need to be close and personal with the enemy to deal high damage
- Again easily counter by Magic Stick
- He is a Troll.......

Skill Build

1. Sticky Napalm
2. Firefly
3. Firefly
4. Sticky Napalm
5. Firefly
6. Flaming Lasso
7. Sticky Napalm
8. Firefly
9. Sticky Napalm
10. Flamebreak
11. Flaming Lasso
12. Flamebreak
13. Flamebreak
14. Flamebreak
15. Stats
16. Flaming Lasso
17+ Stats

Skill Build Justification:

1> Sticky Napalm at lv1 for +10 damage to improve last hit and physical harassment
2> Firefly at lv2 for first blood attempt or to evade first blood attempt
3> Firefly then Napalm early for high DOTs early game
4> Flaming Lasso at lv6, lv11 and lv16
5> Flame Break is skilled only after Sticky Napalm and Firefly

Item Build

Core Item Build:

Power Treads - 1450
Magic Wand - 509
Mekanism - 2306

Total Cost: 4265

Core Item Build Justification:


Power Treads VS Phase Boots

Power Treads to increase Max HP since Jin'zakk early game is Rambo like playstyle. You need to be as Tanky as possible. Jin'zakk also benefit from the 25 IAS by auto attacking while stacking Sticky Napalm debuff.

Activating Phase Boots while Fireflying will cancel the Firefly Fly effect. You do not want to lose the fly effect which allow Jin'zakk to move through unpassable terrain and partial immunity to certain spells.

Magic Wand

Jin'zakk skills do not need a lot mana requirement early so Magic Wand will provide just enought mana recovery. Do not underestimate Magic Wand burst heal while DPSing with Sticky Napalm and Firefly during early game. It might be just what you need to outlast the opponent with a sliver of HP while leaving your opponent dead.


Mekanism VS Vanguard

Mekanism will Heal 250 HP and provide 2 armor in a 450 AOE when activated. This is the main core for support Batrider. It also provides +5 All Stats, +5 armor and some HP regen.

Lets compare Mekanism and Vanguard as a defensive item for Jin'zakk. For a ranged hero, Vanguard provide 70% to block 20 damage (average 14 damage block) and 300 HP.

Mekanism provide 5 Str equavalent to 95 HP and 250 Heal that is total up to 345 HP. Mekanism also provide a total 7.7 armor including stats that provides 31.6% physical resistance. If the opponent has 50 damage that will be around 15 damage reduction and it will keep on scaling up unlike the fixed damage block.

As you can see that Mekanism is better than Vanguard in term of HP and physical defense for Jin'zakk not to mention the benefits of healing the allies/whole team. 
Starting Item Build:

4 x GG Branch, 3 x Salve, 1 x Tango - 602

Starting Item Build Justification:

Your early game will be more to aggressive playstyle. The starting item above will help you to out harass the opponent leading to a early first blood or force the opponent to retreat.

Item Build Order:
 Boots - 500
 Belt of Giant Strength- 450
 Gloves of Haste - 500 (Complete Power Treads)
 Magic Stick - 200
 Magic Wand Recipe - 150 (Complete Magic Wand)

 Ring of Regen- 350
 Chain Mail - 550
 Nathrezim Bucklet Recipe - 200 (Complete Natherzim Buckler)
 GG Branch and Headdress Recipe - 253 (Complete Headdress of Rejunevation)
 Mekanism Recipe- 900 (Complete Mekanism)

You can get the all the pieces of Power Treads at the side shops. Above is the general guideline of item order, you can change the order if you seems fit.

Extended Core Item:

Shiva Guards - 4700

Artic Blast provides more AOE to Batrider turning him into an AOE monster with Firefly and Flame Break. The +15 Armor will turn Batrider into a Physical Tanking machine.

The Slow will help Jin'zakk during Gank and the 30 int provides even more mana to spam spells for pushing with Flame Break and Firefly.

One caution here is Artic Blast slow will cancel Sticky Napalm debuff. So always start the battle with Artic Blast then only cast Stick Napalm.

Khadgar's Pipe of Insight - 3653

Firstly it provides 30% magical resistant making Jin'zakk making him into a Magical tanking machine.

Khadgar also provides Barrier which protects the whole team againts AOE together with Mekanism. Earthshaker will be surprised when he blinked in and found out his combo barely did any damage. While Jin'zakk counter with his own AOE.

Optional Item: 

Due to this guide focus more on support than ganking, so i do not put Kelen's Dagger/Force Staff as core. However if you have a good headstart and on a ganking spree you can get those.

Why Not Item: 

Q> Eul can be used to cyclone the opponent or yourself which has different strategical usage. So why not Eul?

A> When Jin'zakk cast Firefly, he will not be able to able to cyclone himself due to the fly effect. Why buy an item that only provide you half the effect.

Q> Mjolnir will provides Jin'zakk with attack speed and Chain Lightning that can be amplified by Sticky Napalm. So why Not?

A> During team battle, Jin'zakk will be busy moving around spreading Firefly, Napalming, disabling with Flaming Lasso, healing, nuking with Flame Break, tanking etc.

You need to support your team and do not have the time to auto attack like a carry. This is also applicable to other damage items like MKB, Buriza etc.
Luxury Item:

If you have the gold an extra disable is definitely helpful. However Jin'zakk is played as a support in this Guide, he might not have the time/luxury to farm for the gold.

Else Jin'zakk will take away the Carry farm or do not provide the team with enough support.

Game Play

Early Game:

1> This is when the laning phase happens.

2> First most important thing to do is to check whether your lane opponent has a magic stick.

3> If he does, tough luck, you NEED to stop spaming your Sticky Napalm. Just focus on last hit and deny without Sticky Napalm hoping you can get boots on the side lane fast.

4> Always Gank by ambushing from the jungle flanking or side attack by activating Firefly then spam sticky Napalm while follow the opponent closely.

5> If the opponent has magic stick and a range stunner/disabler type plus he is playing defensively towerhugging. If you have a lane mate, you can jungle 2 creep camp with Napalm + Firefly Combo at level 3, giving your lane mate a solo lane temporary while letting the creep line move back to your side later for an easier gank.

6> You can take chance to tower dive and first blood a non disable type hero with orange HP per guide method 4 above. Do this when your creeps have engage the opponents team tower. Try not to aggro the tower unless its a sure kill.

7> If you have a lane partner with a range stun/disable/slow, communicate with your ally so that you cast Sticky Napalm first, then only he stun, then you activate Firefly and go in for the kill.

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Jin'zakk tower dive Gank from the Jungle.
Mid Game:

1> This is when most of the gank happens.

2> Your job is to Gank and Pressure to the opponent while supporting your team. Do not let your Carry die, its your job to die for the Carry. You can always farm up your stuff easily because Jin'zakk is a good farmer.

3> Always Gank by ambushing from the jungle flanking or side attack by activating Firefly then spam sticky Napalm while follow the opponent closely.

4> If you have Flaming Lasso, pull the opponent only a little bit inside your flame and start auto attacking to deliver maximum damage. Unless you are able to pull the opponent towards your tower attack range or over a ledge that will make him difficult to escape.

5> If somehow you are lucky to found a Haste Rune, go for a gank and it will almost guarantee a sucessful kill by using method above.

6> DO NOT FORGET to use Mekanism to heal yourself and your allies during skirmishes. Most of the times this will turn the tide of the battle.

7> I cannot emphasize enough of this, always PUSH THE TOWER after a Gank.

8> Push Empty lanes quickly with Sticky Napalm -> Flamebreak. This will keep on Pressuring the opponent team.

9> When pushing a undefended tower, block and kill the opponent creeps with Firefly + Sticky Napalm behind the opponent tower. It might look dangerous but the reward is well worth because you will get a creep wave worth of gold and a high change of raxing the tower.

10> Firefly is also a good escape mechanism. Just keep on Sticky Napalm on the chasing Hero while luring him. Surprise the opponent with the burst heal from Magic Wand and Mekanism. Jin'zakk might get a kill or two with this trick.

11> Do not take away your Carry farm. If somehow you have nothing to do and none of your allies are jungling, you can kill a least 2 creep camp in the jungle with Sticky Napalm + Firefly.

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Jin'zakk can gank from the sideshop through the trees instead of from the river.

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When pushing undefended tower, Jin'zakk can block can kill the creep behind the tower with Napalm + Stick while your Allies/Creeps Rax the tower. However be careful through.
Late Game:

1> This is when most team fights happens.

2> Before team fight, always activate Barrier if you have Khadgar's Pipe

3> Your job in team fight is to spread your Firefly + Sticky Napalm DOTs around the battle, disable the opponent most dangerous Hero/Carry with Flaming Lasso, Heal with Mekanism, Flame Break for MOAR AOE, Tank with your high Physical/Magical Defense and support your team to victory.

4> After the team fight, continue push and Rax the opponent tower.

Summary of Team Fights:
1. Start with Artic Blast AOE
2. Cast Firefly for DOTs AOE and flying effect
3. Cast Stick Napalm on opponent team
4. Cast Flaming Lasso on the opponent most dangerous Hero/Carry BKB or not-BKB. Note that Flaming Lasso goes through BKB or Magical immunity.
5. Cast Flame Break for MOAR AOE damage or preferbly breaking a channeling Spell.
6. Auto Attack or Move around to spread the Firefly DOTs AOE while tanking with your high Physical/Magical Defense
7. Activate Mekanism anytime you deem neccesary
Lv25 Jin'zakk

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Thanks for your time for reading this Guide

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